Question of the Week: What online resources are the best for you to research games?

In the upcoming episode (106b), we discuss how we find and decide to purchase the board games we acquire.

I have had a lot of people come into my home, take a look at our collection of games, and after they recover from the shock of seeing so many different board games all at once, they almost inevitably have the same question: “How do you find all of these?” Now, most of these people are simply expressing their surprise; they don’t really want to know the extensive process that I go through to decide which of the thousands of games released every year I will be getting. So, for the most part, I just answer “Oh, lots of research. There are some pretty good resources online!”

It’s enough of an answer. But when the person asking is someone who is genuinely interested in games, I should provide a better answer, because I have one. Should I provide the entire spiel from Episode 106b? Probably not. But I do have a lot of good advice for people who are trying to figure out what games to get.

I imagine that most of our listeners have a process for deciding what games to get… you may not commit as much time to research or effort to acquisition as I do, but collecting and curating games is a serious part of gaming as a hobby. So, for this week, my question to you is this:

What online resources are the best for you to research games?

We list some websites and fora that have been helpful, but I’m looking for more specific answers. Are the monthly geeklists that you subscribe to? Are there certain subfora or individuals you have found who are especially helpful with narrowing down your choices? What video or written review series do you think has helped you in the past? And most importantly… are there really any podcasts that are of use?

Send us an email ( and let us know what online resources you use to research your game purchases. We want to know, and we want to let our other listeners know as well.

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