chrisbioChris has been playing and creating games for thirty years, and he hasn’t yet found a topic in gaming that he doesn’t want to talk about excessively. He currently lives in Mexico with his wife and daughter, and he is constantly looking to rope people into playing whatever game has caught his eye, be it board games, card games, RPGs, video games, card games, mobile games, and most especially card games.



Favorite Games:

Listen to Episode 100 for some discussion of these games:

Board Games: Intrigue, Imperial, Elements, Through the Ages, Caylus

Video Games: Diablo III, Super Mario Bros. 3, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Uncharted 4, Skyrim


brandonbioBrandon¬†always enjoyed gaming; solo and in groups. Video games run the gamut from text based MUDs to Highly graphics based Dwarven Fortress, or more modern games like Mechwarrior Online. He loves board games with friends, whether it’s party games like Code Names and The Resistance, or more in depth strategy games like Kemet or Dead of Winter. He has played role playing games for 20 years, starting with the age old D&D 2nd ed, complete with THACO, but does prefer contemporary games like 5th ed, Fantasy Flight 40k, and Hero System.

Brandon lives with his wife and three daughters, works the great wide web, and tries to find time to game.

Favorite Games:

Board Games: The Resistance, Antike II, Space Cadets, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Dominion.

Video Games: City of Heroes, Mech Warrior Online, Rimworld, Valkyria Chronicles, Europa Universalis IV



Will was a co-host of the show for the first 93 or so episodes, but he suffered from major anxiety and depression that he kept hidden until it was too late. On August 6, 2016, he took his own life. Depression is insidious and stigmatized, and it took away a great friend. There is no telling if there is anything we could have done to help Will, but there may be other people out there who we can help. Here’s¬†how you can help.